When it Comes to Workers’ Compensation, We Work for Our Patients First

Jul 04, 2023
When it Comes to Workers’ Compensation, We Work for Our Patients First
Our pain specialists are patient advocates. Work injuries require a medical professional who handles workers’ compensation claims so you get the right treatment plan. Learn more here.

Have you been injured on the job? You may be eligible for workers’ compensation. This benefit covers medical fees and time off if you have a proper diagnosis soon after you’re hurt. 

Dr. Sergio Alvarado and our skilled team of pain specialists act as patient advocates to ensure you get you the care you need. Here at Spine & Pain Center of San Antonio in San Antonio and Live Oak, Texas, we understand that every injured worker has a unique situation. 

You may require extensive rehabilitation, and we ensure you have a correct diagnosis and personalized treatment plan to help you work toward an optimal recovery. Here’s what you should know if you’ve been injured on the job. 

What is workers’ compensation? 

Workers’ compensation is an employee-funded insurance benefit. When you’re injured on the job, you need medical care and time off for recovery. Workers’ comp ensures your well-being by paying for your medical care and time off.

Before you can file a workers’ compensation claim, you need an accurate diagnosis as well as a comprehensive treatment plan from a medical professional.

What does workers’ comp cover? 

Workers’ compensation can cover all work-related injuries, ranging from muscle strains and joint sprains to spine and head injuries. Depending on the type of work you do, you may suffer broken bones, cuts, or burns. Those who work around heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, or lift heavy boxes and other objects are most at risk of getting injured on the job. 

It’s important to obtain a proper diagnosis of your injury as early as possible. Then, you can file a claim to receive your benefits. 

Patient advocacy specialists 

Our trained pain specialists specialize in workers’ comp cases. We diagnose your injuries, create a custom care plan, monitor your progress, and make adjustments along the way as needed. 

As patient advocates, we carefully document your injuries and provide detailed medical records for your insurance company and your employer. We also help you understand your rights and assist with paperwork as needed. 

Diagnosing a workers’ compensation claim

To diagnose your injury and support your workers’ comp claim, we conduct a comprehensive physical examination and review your complete medical history. We may recommend blood tests, an MRI, X-rays, a CT Scan, or other tests to complete the diagnosis. 

Then, we help you understand your rights and navigate the paperwork. At Spine & Pain Center of San Antonio, we offer many pain management modalities, including: 

Once you’re diagnosed and have a treatment plan, it’s essential to keep your appointments and follow your pain specialist’s instructions. That way, we can monitor your progress and ensure optimal recovery. 

If you’ve been injured at work and live in or around San Antonio or Live Oak, Texas, call Spine & Pain Center of San Antonio today, or click online to schedule a consultation any time.